Bakery Update!

Hi all!

Since this is our LAST WEEK OPEN on Arroyo, we wanted to share a little update on where we are and our current plans.

Our last day open for retail is still this Sunday, October 15th.

We have secured a new spot in San Carlos and will be moving over to it after we close on the 15th. We will need some time to get our new kitchen set up but hope to be back in business in November before Thanksgiving so that we can resume cake orders and provide you with our famous glutenfree survival kits!

We are taking the “break” as an opportunity to examine the business, fine-tune our menus, and see how we can best meet the needs of the glutenfree community.

We’ll post again after we get set up with more details.

Thanks so much for all the encouragement and support we’ve received since we shared our news.

With love,

-The Zest Crew

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  1. I am so glad for you guys. I couldn’t believe that you guys weren’t going to be there any more. Love and here’s to another fabulous cozy facility.

    Brenda aka “Sea” 😉

  2. Yay! This is wonderful news!! We live in SF, but have friends in SC and make a point to stop in whenever we were in the area. We love your food and especially love that it is all GF!! We would love to see a bit more of a range of menu items (such as at Kyra’s Bakeshop in Lake Oswego, OR), and a larger dining area. We will excitedly await your re-opening!

  3. Oh thank goodness you are coming back🙏My daughter told me last week about the closing & it was sad😞The team at Zest is caring & work hard supplying us the Best Gluten-Free selections.Its always fresh & quality ingredients🦋This is great news & now the holidays will be filled with food for everyone👏💞

  4. Hi Zest team, so glad that you found a new space and are taking the time to re-evaluate your new opportunities. Are you still taking orders for holiday (Thanksgiving) survival kits? Thanks!

    1. Yes, our hope is to be able to provide thanksgiving survival kits! stay tuned! We hope to announce that we will start taking orders for them soon!

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