a gluten-free wedding cake for Melissa

Last weekend one of our employees, Melissa got married to her wonderful husband Will. 

Their wedding was special for two reasons: 1) we adore Melissa, and Will is a lucky man to taker her as his wife, 2) we got to decorate their wedding cake! 

Their wedding was the first where we could actually stick around for the reception. And of course it included our favorite part: the cake cutting! Wow was it rewarding! 

The cake stats:

  • cake flavor: hummingbird (rich banana and pineapple cake)
  • frosting flavor: coconut buttercream
  • considerations: gluten free and dairy free
  • height: ~6 inches
  • decorations: pink and purple succulents

We really hope the bride and groom loved this cake as much as we enjoyed making it for them.

Much love and joy to Melissa and Will and best wishes for a happy, zest-filled life together!


the zest team


Oh my! That is some amount of cake! The bride has a wonderful figure, it wont last if she eats much of that!

congratulations to both of you Melissa. Wishing you more happiness in life and more kids.

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