chocolate-chocolate melt cookies, gluten free & paleo

chocolate melts, gluten free & paleo
downtown seattle artwork
macrina bakery
marcina bakery gluten free items
macrina bakery
paleo gluten free chocolate melt cookies

chocolate melts, gluten free & paleo

One of my favorite moments from attending the International Food Bloggers Conference (IFBC) up in Seattle, actually happened one morning before the conference. My roomie and friend, Annelies, and I have started a tradition of exploring local bakeries that are exploring-distance from the conference location. When we are feeling extra motivated, we run to our destination, but other times, we take a leisurely stroll. 

It's on these bakery expeditions that we see the city, sleepy-eyed and dewy as a new day takes shape. 

banana almond-butter zucchini bread, paleo and gluten free

banana almond-butter zucchini bread, paleo and gluten free

Meeting the parents of a significant other is a mostly terrifying thought.

I finally convinced someone that I am normal enough to be in a relationship with and now I must win over the family?!? Heavy sighs and mini panic attacks aside, I have found meeting the parents to be ultimately a rewarding experience. I must have really wowed my current boyfriend’s parents because after our initial meeting, I was invited on family trips, and even tagged along to birthday parties and graduations. 

butterscotch pudding, paleo and gluten free

butterscotch pudding, paleo, gluten free
ruined paleo cookies fail
paleo butterscotch pudding, gluten-free

butterscotch pudding, paleo, gluten free

Last week, I ventured into the world of Paleo baking. Buoyed by the success of an almond-flour pear and hemp seed muffin, I set off to make the perfect soft & chewy cookie. I used almond flour for the first batch but found it much too crumbly. In the garbage it went.

I then made my own paleo almond butter (I might post that later!), and decide to use it as a base for the next two batches of cookies. Blech. A secret ingredient I was counting on made the cookies way to starchy and added a funky after taste.

meet jenny


My name is Jenny S.

A couple years ago I would have never guessed that my attempts at zingy one liners on twitter, irreverent facebook picture posts and borderline addiction to Social Media could be considered a skill set. Thankfully I connected with the good folks at Zest Bakery to combine these talents with my love for baking to become the brand spanking new Social Media Intern. 

roasted grape and tomato mozzarella panini, gluten free

roasted grape and tomato mozzarella paninis, gluten free

roasted grape and tomato mozzarella paninis, gluten free

"If you shake the tomato plants, they pollinate better." 

I'm showing my Mother-In-Law my 21 lollipop tomato plants, all grown from a single variety we'd found when visiting her last spring. 

"Really, does that work?" I pluck a plump gumball-sized tomato off the vine and pop it in my mouth. 

7 ingredient edamame bean dip

7 ingredient edamame dip with garlic and basil
gluten free dairy free edamame bean dip

gluten free dairy free edamame bean dip

At the time that my husband moved in, I had a cold dirty secret.

Deep in the icy recesses of my freezer, sat an unopened costco-sized box of edamame. The origins of this box of edamame remained unknown for the three or four years it sat in there. Periodically I'd uncover it, glare at it, and cover it back up. I had no idea why we had it or what to do with it. Patrick had long since sworn off of soy so he definitely wasn't itching to open it. 

rhubarb dutch baby recipe, gluten free

rhubarb dutch baby, gluten free
rhubarb dutch baby, gluten free

rhubarb dutch baby, gluten free

When rhubarb is in season, I am known to buy it by the boxful. I'll spend an entire afternoon chopping it up and then throw it in ziploc bags destined for the freezer. In fact I'd say my freezer is currently 40% rhubarb. 

But I'm totally okay with that! 

I get to make rhubarb treats, like this rhubarb dutch baby whenever I want.

patience pays off: strawberry rhubarb shrub cocktails

strawberry rhubarb shrub
strawberry rhubarb shrub cocktail

strawberry rhubarb shrub

It's been a stressful start to the week for two very important reasons. 

1. I turned 30. EEK! :)

2. I got a ticket for talking on my cell phone (I wasn't). :(


Luckily I have leftover strawberry rhubarb shrub to calm my nerves and ease me into a hopefully less stressful Tuesday. Tomorrow's another day right? 

asian-inspired flank steak wraps, gluten free

asian inspired gluten free steak wraps
grilled flank steak
flank steak wraps with sriracha

asian inspired gluten free steak wraps

A couple nights ago I found myself at my grandmother's doorstep. With me, I had a bag of herbs, freshly picked from the garden, a ziploc full of flank steak in an Asian-inspired (gluten-free) soy marinade, and a few other odds and ends destined for what I hoped would be the perfect summer wrap.

kale chimichurri sauce and camping at bug o rama

kale chimmichuri sauce, gluten free, paleo

kale chimmichuri sauce

"Are you hot?" Patrick glances over at me in my sweatshirt and I shrug.

"If you get hot, you can start the air conditioner by removing this peace of tape. I want to make sure you are comfortable." He motions to vents on the ceiling of the bus that he'd sealed with clear tape during the cooler months. I laugh, but assure him I'm fine. 


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