my gluten-free dining experience at the french laundry

french laundry sign
french laundry menu
gluten-free french laundry
french laundry gluten free oysters and pearls
gluten free hearts of peach palm french laundry
gluten free french laundry porridge black truffle
french laundry gluten free turbot
gluten free lobster and beef french laundry
french laundry gluten free lobster
french laundry gluten free rabbit and beef
gluten free desserts french laundry
gluten free bonus donuts french laundry

french laundry sign

On the Friday before the expo, I had the gluten-free meal of a lifetime! Accompanying me were five out-of-town gluten-free eaters (Brandy Wendler (Mrs. Northwest), Mary Fran Wiley of Franny Cakes, Kyra Bussanich of Portland's Crave Bake Shop, Alison Needham of A Girl Defloured, and Andy Yeum of Taste Guru). We decided to meet up at the bakery so that they could pick up some treats for the road and set off for what would be an epic four-hour meal at the French Laundry

gluten-free allergy-free expo

Although January has been pretty great so far, I’m really looking forward to February for two big reasons.

The first: Valentines Day! The one holiday a year when all the time I spent in high school perfecting heart doodles in the margins of my notes actually pays off. Ok, I worked on it throughout college too. Pretty red hearts everywhere!

The second: The Gluten-Free Allergy-Free Expo on Feb 9 & 10.

brookies (brownie-cookies), gluten free

gluten free brookies (brownie cookies)

gluten free brookies (brownie cookies)

My family is not particularly known for Christmas spirit. Around this season, my house is filled with statements like:

  • “I’m going to the mall to buy your present right now. Still don’t know what to get you.”
  • “Mom, I don’t even like Christmas trees. I’m not going to decorate it.”
  • “Ew, are we listening to Christmas music?”

cranberry waffles with burgundy sorghum, gluten free

gluten free waffles

gluten free waffles

Most mornings we aren't in the house for a traditional breakfast. The 3:00am alarm sounds and we're on our feat for the next 8 to 10 hours baking up a storm of gluten-free treats. 

It's not a complaint. Just a fact. 

So it's rare that we we actually eat breakfast at a normal breakfast hour. But I'm okay with that. 

pimp my gingerbread house

gluten free dairy free gingerbread house
gluten free dairy free gingerbread house
gluten free dairy free egg free gingerbread house

Did you know we are offering gluten free, dairy free, and egg free gingerbread houses as part of our Gluten-free Holiday Survival Kit? The kit includes the house, two ginger folk, and a ginger christmas tree. The kit also includes gluten-free candy that you can use to pimp out your very own house! If you haven't ordered your kit yet, you have until December 16th to do so!

One of our employees, Natalie, had some fun pimping out her very own gingerbread house and was kind enough to share her writeup!

holiday survival kit 2012

gluten free holiday pies

Now that Thanksgiving is outta the way, we are thrilled to announce our holiday survival kits for 2012!

gluten free holiday pies

To help you and your family continue your holiday traditions, we are offering a limited number of gluten-free holiday survival kits. Similar to our Thanksgiving survival kits, there will be sweet, savory, and morning treats. We've also included a DIY category if you prefer to do *most* of the baking yourself. Items include:

butternut squash with yogurt and meat sauce, paleo & gluten free

gluten free paleo butternut squash kadu
butternut squash and coconut sugar
butternut squash with yogurt and meat sauce, paleo gluten free

butternut squash with yogurt and meat sauce

Compared to last year, both our order and our injury count were nearly double. 

In fact we were joking we needed to put up an "hours without incident" count. HA! I'd ended up with a sprained wrist and wore a wrist guard for most of the week. And in a valiant effort to save a falling loaf pan, my sister used a David Beckham style soccer kick and ended up with a bruised foot.

Other minor issues followed...

thumbprint cookies with plum jam, gluten free

thumbprint cookies with plum jam, gluten free

thumbprint cookies with plum jam, gluten free

Spiced or citrusy?

That was the question our neighbor J asked as she handed us two separate jars of homemade plum jam. J was fortunate enough to have a plum tree in her backyard. Toward the end of summer you could be certain to find her holed up in the kitchen making batches of plum jams, jellies, and catsup. And as long as I'd known her, she'd been tweaking and fine tuning her jam recipe.


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