gluten-free girl scout cookie and cupcake madness

Oh my gosh, you guys! Today was super fun! And it wasn't just because of these:


Caramel and coconut topped shortbread cookies that are dipped and then drizzled with chocolate! Aka.... gluten-free samoas. Or these:


Chocolate mint cookies dipped in chocolate ganache... and served extra cold. Aka... gluten-free thin mints. In reality, while those cookies were all sorts of major deliciousness, the day was all about a local girl scout troop.

I have extremely fond memories of being a girl scout... And even fonder memories of attending girl scout camp over at Huddart Park. I recall horseback riding, hiking, hand cranking ice cream, and making butterscotch haystacks. All super fun, and easy activities to do with kids. While planning the activity, I tried to keep the sense of creativity and fun in mind. Once the girls arrived, we talked about the joys of owning a business and decided to give them a taste (pun intended) of what it's like to be a baker. To start, we had to get them into the proper attire. Each girl set to work decorating their very own bakers hat which we gave them to keep. It was fun to see the difference in design between each of the girls. "I'm going to wear my hat all the way down Laurel street!" one girlie said. Next we broke out the cupcakes and all the necessary fixings. We had sprinkles, chocolate chips, colored sugars, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, and the Pièce(s) de résistance: our gluten-free versions of their girl scout cookies. Maybe we should call them thin mintz and zamoas.


The original plan was to assemble two types of cupcakes, each centered around one of the cookies. The chocolate cupcake would be topped with a green mint frosting, chocolate chips, sprinkles, maybe a little drizzle of chocolate sauce, and a thin mint cookie. The coconut cupcake would be topped with dulce de leche cream cheese frosting, caramel sauce, chocolate chips, and a "zamoa" cookie. We demonstrated how to hold the piping bag and pipe the frosting onto the cupcakes. We instructed them to either pipe the frosting onto the center of the cupcake and allow the frosting to ooze out of the sides, or to swirl the frosting depending on the look they wanted.


But of course those were just guidelines. The kids had their own ideas and pretty much mixed and matched the flavors to their heart's content. It was fun to see them get in touch with their inner baking goddesses. Next was everyone's favorite part: Taste testing.


We gave each girl scout a box and had them pick one flavor to take home. The other cupcake they got to eat. And although they begged and pleaded to eat both cupcakes, we didn't want to get the parents mad for the sugar highs that were sure to follow.  :) Once they got a chance to taste the cookies we asked them how the cookies compared to their gluten-full versions. They unanimously loved them! Even a couple of the parents/leaders got a sample and gushed over them. We had such a blast with the girl scouts! Hope they had a great time too. And for all those who inquired, YES, WE WILL HAVE THE COOKIES AT THE BAKERY THIS WEEK.... while supplies last of course. :)


Charissa and Patrick, you are quite the hosts and have a great little gold mine on your hands. The cupcakes you gave the girls were absolutely decadent. Oh, and the leaders cupcakes were equally amazing :) I love your attempt at the Zest spin of girl scout cookies. Both the "Thin Mintz" and "Zamoas" were better than the original and any girl scout (girl or leader) would be proud to endorse.

Thanks for an amazing event!!

Thank you Zest!! My daughter Briana (girl scout in back on right side) had a blast. She raved about the bakery and how cool it was that the desserts were gluten-free. Again thank you for taking your valuable time with my daughter and her troop...means a lot!
Kaysi and Briana (Faithful Zest customers)!!

Amy/Kaysi, Aww, thanks so much! Glad they all had fun and enjoyed our versions of the classic cookies.
Best, Charissa

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