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A few weeks ago, Patrick and I attended our second Paleo pop-up by Simone of Zenbelly Catering. This time, the event was held at Coffee Bar, a super modern open space in San Francisco's Potrerro Hill neighborhood. We were joined by my friend Justine who hosts a monthly Paleo cooking club, Michelle and Henry of NomNomPaleo (read their recap of the Zen Belly Popup), Jackie and Ben of LunchBots (I got to see their line of super slick stainless steel food containers at Expo West!), Daphne of The Fit Daffy, and Simone's boyfriend Simon (it's almost like they planned their names that way!). 

apple tart with cheddar crumble for the gluten-free ratio rally

The first time I brought my husband Patrick over to my grandmother's house, she tried to poison him. Well... not poison per sae... but unintentionally glutened.

We were having a family dinner and she wanted to prepare for him the dessert she is well known for: her apple cheddar casserole. Generally served crustless, the dessert was always baked in a rectangular casserole dish. 

apple, pecan, and raisin depression cake, gluten free

apple pecan depression cake
the depression cake

the depression cake

"Take away the milk, the eggs, the butter, and what do you have left? A great tasting cake that became popular after the stock market crash of 1929."

Born in 1928, my grandmother was 1 years old when the stock market crashed. I'd only heard bits and pieces from her of what it was like to grow up in that time. I did know that as a result of being a child of the depression (as I'd heard her refer to herself), she'd learned to be thrifty and make do with what she had both in and out of the kitchen. Growing up I remember how she never wasted ingredients in the kitchen. 

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