cocoa cabernet popovers with almond syrup

gluten free cabernet cocoa popovers
cocoa popovers gluten free

For this month's gluten-free ratio rally which focuses on popovers, I bring you two posts. Two is better than one, yes?

The reason that I am delivering two posts is... well it's because I was indecisive. It took me a while to decide what flavor of gluten-free popovers to make. And true to my nature, I couldn't pick just one. 

cabernet biscuits with pecorino and thyme

Cabernet biscuits with pecorino and thyme gluten-free

Cabernet biscuits with pecorino and thyme gluten-free

These biscuits were the first attempt I made for the gluten-free ratio rally.  The biscuits, I thought, had a nice rich flavor: slightly salty from the pecorino accented with the bright notes of the thyme. The cabernet flour itself doesn't lend too much flavor, but I love the deep color that just a tiny amount coaxes out of the final product. I could definitely see using them to sop up some heavy red wine infused stew or sauce. 

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