the kindness of strangers in puerto rico and a recipe for coquito

carlos rosario beach

STRANDED. That's what we were. Nevermind the fact that we were on a tiny 7 by 5 mile island off of Puerto Rico... We were stranded with no cash, no phone, no car key, not even a towel! We could practically see Douglas Adams shaking his head in disapproval at us. 

patience pays off: strawberry rhubarb shrub cocktails

strawberry rhubarb shrub
strawberry rhubarb shrub cocktail

strawberry rhubarb shrub

It's been a stressful start to the week for two very important reasons. 

1. I turned 30. EEK! :)

2. I got a ticket for talking on my cell phone (I wasn't). :(


Luckily I have leftover strawberry rhubarb shrub to calm my nerves and ease me into a hopefully less stressful Tuesday. Tomorrow's another day right? 

rhubarb margarita recipe

rhubarb margarita recipe
rhubarb stalks
rhubarb margaritas

rhubarb margarita recipe

Nick moves fast through the 100 degree heat to the precise location in his Clements Ridge Farm where the rhubarb grows. The soil is hot and I have to tread carefully, my flip flops failing to keep me afloat on the well tilled farm. Nick darts quickly between rhubarb bushes, snipping ripe Christmas colored stalks once at their base and again just before the leaves. A leafy pile forms and he tosses the first few stalks into in the box I carry in my arms, but it becomes too difficult for me to keep up with him.

stone fruit moscow mules and the vw invasion

Earlier today I found myself up in Roseville for the Volkswagen Invasion meet up. Patrick, himself a VW enthusiast, thought it would be a fun event. Plus, he told me, it was happening at a swap meet. 

I'm always up for a good swap meet! It's practically a giant garage sale: Tons of treasures just waiting to be uncovered. The only downside to the event, besides the drive, was the temp. At 106 degrees, it was DANG HOT. 

cocktail hour: strawberry moscow mules

If you love ginger, you will love this fruity version of a moscow mule. It's spicy and sweet, and practically screams HELLO SUMMER!

The classic version is served in a copper mug and has ginger beer, lime juice, and vodka. The mug is said to have been a marketing gimmick initiated by the vodka companies. It worked a little too well because people loved the flashy mugs and started taking them home as souvenirs. I've been determined to find a copper mug from one of the local antique stores, but so far no dice. 

carrot orange ginger mimosas

carrot orange mimosas

Last Wednesday I hung out with my new gluten-free BFFs (Simone and Michelle ) and attended CUESA's May Spring Cocktails event!

If you don't know, CUESA (the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture) is the organization that runs the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market at the SF Ferry Building. Sticking with CUESA's mission, their competitions usually highlight seasonal ingredients from the local farms that sell at the market. In fact, the top-shelf margarita pie we entered in SF Food Wars' Pie or Die II competition, had citrus sourced from the CUESA market.

our peruvian anniversary menu with pisco sours

One year ago, many of our close family and friends gathered to witness our simple outdoor wedding… a wedding very similar to the one my parents had decades prior. This past weekend, we went back to the scene of the crime, and spent a lovely anniversary weekend beneath the shade of the redwoods…far from cell tours, internet, traffic, and the general hustle and bustle of life.

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