chai breakfast quinoa with coconut, cranberries, and pecans, gluten-free

Yesterday morning's chat has me thinking about breakfast. I admit it has taken me a while to get the hang of a healthy nutritious breakfast and to realize its benefits. Early in my youth I was more concerned with attendance than health and found myself rushing out the door without any nourishment to start the day.

But as I've grown older I've realized that having or not having breakfast has notice affects on my performance and alertness: two things I especially value at 4 am when working with hot ovens and precise measurements.

coconut date balls and a gluten-free dinner on vashon island

coconut date balls, gluten free

While my family is know for some specific family dishes, Parick's family is known for their snack items both savory and sweet. This year Patrick's mother prepared peanut butter stuffed crackers that were then dipped in chocolate, fruit cake cookies, pretzel rolos cookies, and my personal favorite, date balls. I had to have the recipe. When I found out we were doing Let's Lunch on festive treats, I thought it would be the perfect one to share.

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