grain-free and gluten-free wedding cupcake tasting

black forest cupcakes gluten free

Today we did something new! We made grain-free and gluten-free cupcakes in four different flavors for a wedding cupcake tasting.

Now gluten-free is our bread-and-butter. Quite literally. But grain free? Well we had to do a bit of research to see what qualifies. It turns out that in order to make something completely grain free, you have to  exclude the following ingredients:

gluten-free girl scout cookie and cupcake madness

gluten-free samoas
gluten-free thin mints

Oh my gosh, you guys! Today was super fun! And it wasn't just because of these:


Caramel and coconut topped shortbread cookies that are dipped and then drizzled with chocolate! Aka.... gluten-free samoas. Or these:


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