curried roasted cheddar cheese cauliflower soup, gluten free

When I'm in need of inspiration, I frequently walk the farmers markets. It's a very sensual experience. I smell the different herbs, the flowers, and even the kettle corn. I feel the rough edges of a prickly cucumber, the smooth flesh of an heirloom tomato, and the fuzzy skin of a ripe peach. And of course the colors of freshly plucked fruits and veggies are vibrant with life.

curried root veggie and coconut soup

curried root veggie soup, gluten free & dairy free
curried vegetable soup

My sister texted me a photo recently of something she got in her CSA box. The veg was round in shades of purple and white. I identified it immediately as a rutabaga. Clueless on what to do with it, she asked for suggestions. My advice? Treat it like a potato. Mashed rutabaga is fabulous with some melted butter and herbs. Scalloped rutabaga would be equally fab. Rutabaga fries could totally be a WIN. I just so happened to have purchased a rutabaga myself. Instead of being mashed, scalloped or fried, my rutabaga was destined for soup.

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