french toast

pumpkin spiced angel food french toast with pumpkin butter

Imagine if you will, light as air angel food cake, sliced into fat wedges, dipped in a pumpkin-spiced egg mixture, and cooked on a griddle until golden brown. Then imagine topping those slices, still warm and slightly springy with delicious golden pumpkin butter.

eggnog french toast with almond syrup

eggnog french toast, gluten free

eggnog french toast, gluten free

Last week, our neighbor kindly donated various perishable foods to us before leaving on a trip. Among the items was a half gallon of eggnog, with an expiration date that is looming dangerously close. Even though I made a good dent on that half gallon of eggnog, I think I’ve reached my limit on consuming it straight (mostly with booze).

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