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paleo gluten free chocolate soufflés

paleo gluten free chocolate souffle recipe

Soufflés are quickly becoming my back-pocket dessert. They are surprisingly easy to make, can be prepared in advance, and are sure to wow even the pickiest dessert eater.

Lately I've been obsessed with creating a gluten-free, grain-free paleo version of my favorite chocolate soufflé.

4 amazing gluten-free finds in utah

gluten free arepas from Eleanor's Bakeshop
Mahider Ethiopian Restaurant, Beef & Chicken Combination
sheels ferris wheel
sweet cake bake shop gluten free cupcakes
sweet cake bake shop gluten-free treats
the pie pizzeria gluten-free pizza
gluten free sweet treats at Eleanor's bakeshop

Last week I donned a heavy coat and scarf and made my way to the snow kissed streets of Utah. I was there for a conference and as an added bonus got to hang out with my friend and fellow gluten-free blogger Michelle of My Gluten Free Kitchen (check out her blog if you don't know her, she is a FANTASTIC GF baker!).

the kindness of strangers in puerto rico and a recipe for coquito

carlos rosario beach

STRANDED. That's what we were. Nevermind the fact that we were on a tiny 7 by 5 mile island off of Puerto Rico... We were stranded with no cash, no phone, no car key, not even a towel! We could practically see Douglas Adams shaking his head in disapproval at us. 

paleo almond joy cookies

paleo almond joy cookies
paleo almond joy cookies

I’m going to come clean here and admit something that I am not very proud of.  Over the past month or so I have produced an overwhelming amount of non-paleo, non-glutenfree, full sugar, overly creamfilled, milk chocolate loving desserts.  Real talk.  I fell off the paleo baking wagon and I fell hard.  I made the unfortunate decision of looking past my well loved coconut nectar flour and falling into the contraband arms of plain ol granulated sugar delights. 

4 ingredient eggnog, dairy free & paleo

eggnong, dairy free, paleo, gluten free
eggnong, dairy free, paleo, gluten free

Happy Eggnog Month! Errr... November. :)

If you love eggnog but are now eating paleo or even just dairy-free, this eggnog is for you! It is stupid simple to make and only requires 4 ingredients! Eggs, coconut sugar, almond milk and nutmeg. 5 if you want the adult version ;)

light and fluffy eggnog waffles, gluten free

light and fluffy eggnog waffles, gluten free
gluten free light and fluffy eggnog waffles
light and fluffy eggnog waffle batter, gluten free

When my sister and I were kids, we used to create breakfast-in-bed menus and take them to our parents. Inside the menu, our parents would find checkboxes next to a list of our offerings: things like eggs, pancakes, waffles, toast, coffee, OJ, hot cocoa, or milk. After they'd made their selection we'd retreat back to the kitchen to assemble their order. Occasionally we'd try to get creative and they would end up with olive pancakes or coffee with grenadine. But no matter what we made, I think they were always appreciative.


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