paleo gluten free chocolate soufflés

paleo gluten free chocolate souffle recipe

Soufflés are quickly becoming my back-pocket dessert. They are surprisingly easy to make, can be prepared in advance, and are sure to wow even the pickiest dessert eater.

Lately I've been obsessed with creating a gluten-free, grain-free paleo version of my favorite chocolate soufflé.

6 Easy Steps to a Stress Free Paleo New Years Eve

Planning for New Years has never been one of my strengths. After spending all the money, effort and time on surviving Christmas I always find myself facing the night of December 31st disinterest and ambiguity. I don’t particularly have the cash on hand to purchase a sparkly dress and tickets for a snazzy night out on the town so half the time I either end up sitting at my mother’s house watching a ball drop or with one friend and a bottle of wine. 

paleo almond joy cookies

paleo almond joy cookies
paleo almond joy cookies

I’m going to come clean here and admit something that I am not very proud of.  Over the past month or so I have produced an overwhelming amount of non-paleo, non-glutenfree, full sugar, overly creamfilled, milk chocolate loving desserts.  Real talk.  I fell off the paleo baking wagon and I fell hard.  I made the unfortunate decision of looking past my well loved coconut nectar flour and falling into the contraband arms of plain ol granulated sugar delights. 

4 ingredient eggnog, dairy free & paleo

eggnong, dairy free, paleo, gluten free
eggnong, dairy free, paleo, gluten free

Happy Eggnog Month! Errr... November. :)

If you love eggnog but are now eating paleo or even just dairy-free, this eggnog is for you! It is stupid simple to make and only requires 4 ingredients! Eggs, coconut sugar, almond milk and nutmeg. 5 if you want the adult version ;)

paleo pop-up dinner by zenbelly catering at fallon hills ranch

paleo pop-up dinner by zenbelly catering at fallon hills ranch
fallon hills ranch paleo dinner popup by zenbelly
paleo deviled eggs
fallon hills ranch
paleo bacon salad
paleo bacon salad
paleo butternut squash hummus with sausage and apples
paleo rosemary and garlic leg of lamb
paleo blackberry apple crumble
zenbelly paleo dinner menu

The last time I experienced a coursed menu was on a Valentine’s Day trip to Napa. I had been following the Paleo diet for about a month at that time and was gung-ho about my track to health. Unfortunately what started with a sneaky bite of pasta ended with eight courses of breads, cheeses, burgers and an undeniably delicious chocolate hazelnut dessert. 

I don’t regret that particular smorgasbord but you can imagine my excitement when I was offered the chance to eat a meal at Fallon Hills Ranch

coconut masala chai, paleo and dairy free

masala chai tea with coconut milk, paleo and dairy free
masala chai tea spices
masala chai tea with coconut milk, paleo and dairy free

masala chai tea with coconut milk, paleo and dairy free

"Every day when my husband gets home I make him this tea."

I'm standing next to my friend Vijitha as she explains the ins and outs of making a traditional spiced milk tea known as masala chai. The aroma of the simmering spices and strong black tea is intoxicating. I watch as Vijitha strains out the spices and returns the remaining pot of tea to the stove. She adds sugar, a cup or two of milk and brings the tea back to a simmer. Once Vijitha determines the tea is ready, she ladles it into some mugs and hands one to Patrick and me. 

chocolate-chocolate melt cookies, gluten free & paleo

chocolate melts, gluten free & paleo
downtown seattle artwork
macrina bakery
marcina bakery gluten free items
macrina bakery
paleo gluten free chocolate melt cookies

chocolate melts, gluten free & paleo

One of my favorite moments from attending the International Food Bloggers Conference (IFBC) up in Seattle, actually happened one morning before the conference. My roomie and friend, Annelies, and I have started a tradition of exploring local bakeries that are exploring-distance from the conference location. When we are feeling extra motivated, we run to our destination, but other times, we take a leisurely stroll. 

It's on these bakery expeditions that we see the city, sleepy-eyed and dewy as a new day takes shape. 

butterscotch pudding, paleo and gluten free

butterscotch pudding, paleo, gluten free
ruined paleo cookies fail
paleo butterscotch pudding, gluten-free

butterscotch pudding, paleo, gluten free

Last week, I ventured into the world of Paleo baking. Buoyed by the success of an almond-flour pear and hemp seed muffin, I set off to make the perfect soft & chewy cookie. I used almond flour for the first batch but found it much too crumbly. In the garbage it went.

I then made my own paleo almond butter (I might post that later!), and decide to use it as a base for the next two batches of cookies. Blech. A secret ingredient I was counting on made the cookies way to starchy and added a funky after taste.

kale chimichurri sauce and camping at bug o rama

kale chimmichuri sauce, gluten free, paleo

kale chimmichuri sauce

"Are you hot?" Patrick glances over at me in my sweatshirt and I shrug.

"If you get hot, you can start the air conditioner by removing this peace of tape. I want to make sure you are comfortable." He motions to vents on the ceiling of the bus that he'd sealed with clear tape during the cooler months. I laugh, but assure him I'm fine. 


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