cocoa cabernet popovers with almond syrup

gluten free cabernet cocoa popovers
cocoa popovers gluten free

For this month's gluten-free ratio rally which focuses on popovers, I bring you two posts. Two is better than one, yes?

The reason that I am delivering two posts is... well it's because I was indecisive. It took me a while to decide what flavor of gluten-free popovers to make. And true to my nature, I couldn't pick just one. 

lemon vanilla popovers with minnesota raspberries

lemon popovers with raspberry jam, gluten free
vanilla popovers with lemon, gluten free

vanilla popovers with lemon, gluten free

It's another episode of the gluten-free ratio rally and this month's theme is gluten-free popovers!

Have you had a popover before? Most of the texture for these popovers came from the eggs. The insides are light and fluffy and full of air pockets. The outsides are golden brown and slightly crispy. And best of all? You can totally make rocking popovers and make them gluten-free. 

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