curried root veggie and coconut soup

curried root veggie soup, gluten free & dairy free
curried vegetable soup

My sister texted me a photo recently of something she got in her CSA box. The veg was round in shades of purple and white. I identified it immediately as a rutabaga. Clueless on what to do with it, she asked for suggestions. My advice? Treat it like a potato. Mashed rutabaga is fabulous with some melted butter and herbs. Scalloped rutabaga would be equally fab. Rutabaga fries could totally be a WIN. I just so happened to have purchased a rutabaga myself. Instead of being mashed, scalloped or fried, my rutabaga was destined for soup.

lazy cioppino, a san francisco seafood stew

This has been an interesting winter (with only a handful of rainy days, can we legally even call it winter?).  The days are full of sunshine, but the nights are cool and crisp. The chill of the night makes it almost too cool to enjoy anything but being curled up with a good book, a lap blanket, this stew, a good crusty baguette, and perhaps a nice chilled glass of viognier. 

cassoulet, a frenchified version of chili for let's lunch

For this month's virtual lunch date, the  crew brings you a slew of posts dedicated to chili. When I heard this month's challenge for let's lunch was on chili I was thrilled. I've been watching a whole lot of Top Chef, Texas and thinking about the various types of chili I could make (and eat... definitely eat). This would be the perfect opportunity to experiment. 

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