Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Survival Kits Are Here!

Orders are now closed but we encourage you to stop in tomorrow to snag lots of gluten-free deliciousness!


True story! One year my grandmother decided to treat us with a gluten-free pie! Bless her heart, she was so proud of this pie. Later on when we asked what brand flour she used, she proudly produced a bag of vital wheat gluten from the cupboard. T.T We never told her but this just goes to show how even well-meaning family can get it wrong.

This year avoid the worry and snag a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Survival Kit from Zest! Our kits come with your choice of items, all completely gluten-free, to complement your Thanksgiving breakfast, dinner, and dessert traditions.

To customize your kit, you can choose from the following items:

  • Breakfast/Brunch: lemon poppy seed loaf, pumpkin muffins, cinnamon rolls, quiche
  • Dinner: rolls, breadcrumbs, croutons, stuffing mix, sandwhich bread
  • Dessert: pie crust, almond cake, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie

Place your order online or in the store!

With love,

Zest Bakery

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    1. You can use our gluten-free flour in pretty much any pie crust recipe you want. We also sell the pie crusts (see the DIY section).

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